Yes, Parrtjima is a fantastic experience for families including children of all ages. 

Parrtjima is held within two open precincts at Alice Springs Desert Park and Todd Mall, so we encourage families to ensure that kids are kept under constant supervision. 

Wristbands for minors will be provided at the information booths, parents will be able to write their details down.

In 2019 Parrtjima features a Children's Space, an interactive playground for the young and young at heart. This space is designed for your kids to express themselves and most of all, to have heaps of fun!

Parrtjima is an event that will allow children and families to learn and share in Aboriginal culture, including many stories from the local Arrernte people. There will be many free workshops in the Knowledge Program that will be great for children to experience, as well as ten night of music, dance and culture.

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