Parrtjima aims to respectfully celebrate the vibrant Aboriginal arts and culture by inspiring audiences and bringing together communities through world-class artistic light experiences.

We aim to showcase the culture and outstanding work of Aboriginal artists from Central Australia, while providing meaningful artistic opportunities to local artists.

 Have the traditional owners been consulted?

Yes, Parrtjima festival organisers have been consulting extensively with local Indigenous groups since November 2015 and consultation with all parties is ongoing. Parrtjima has been directed to people they have been told have the traditional rights to speak for these regions, connecting with these people and seeking to follow the advice we are given.

Parrtjima organisers are open, listening and learning. Parrtjima continues to extend the invitation to participate in these ongoing discussions, where organisers continue to learn and adapt.

The Parrtjima Festival Reference Group (PFRG) met for the first time on 10 April 2017 and was established to provide an opportunity for respected Arrernte people to provide advice and guidance to Parrtjima organisers on Aboriginal matters that relate to the artistic program and its cultural appropriateness. Parrtjima organisers have been told that the people coming to this reference group have traditional rights and responsibilities for this area.

Festival organisers guarantee community consultation will be an ongoing process.

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